SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If this is new for you, welcome to the conversation!

What is “Website SEO”?

Website SEO is the practice and art of “optimizing” (tweaking & making better) your website so that it will rank better on Search Engines- namely, Google. Your business information can also be “optimized” (more trusted by Google) so it’s more likely to rank well amongst other business listings on the Google Maps database. This is the practice of Local SEO, aka “Local Search”. If this is starting to make sense that’s awesome!

When your website AND business listings are optimized – Magic happens!

SEO can be a sophisticated and technical beast. We break it down into “Foundational SEO” and “Advanced SEO”. For most small businesses, good Foundational SEO plus some specialty services pages is enough to grow their business. For businesses in more competitive industries or locations, Advanced SEO will be needed.

Foundational SEO
Keyword research, copy-editing, content development, page titles, headings, descriptions, links, footer/sidebar content, menus, images, and calls-to-action.

Advanced SEO
Schema, copywriting, blog strategy, web development, WP security & backups, page load speed, competitive analysis, site architecture, conversion optimization and more.

Calls to Action are Key: Hey if you are investing in getting more traffic to your website, a clear & obvious path for visitors to take the desired action is mandatory. Those are called Calls-to-Action and you need those on every page to convert these new visitors into customers or clients. Links are good. Bright buttons are better. Make it super easy for your website visitors to call you, fill out a form, buy now, or sign up. If you don’t have them on your website, you should probably click one of the red call-to-action buttons on this page.

Mobile Responsive is Imperative: Depending on your business type, the vast majority of your visits will be on a mobile device.

Monthly SEO Impact Packages


When you search for a local business on Google, a map appears on the top of the page with 3 business listings. Getting your business on that map is called Local Search Optimization. That's what we do.


Businesses and franchises that operate more than one location have specific SEO needs and opportunities for optimizing their online presence. That's Multi-unit SEO. It's powerful and we love it!


We have a $99 SEO Audit if we need to spend extra time learning about your business and your online marketing opportunities. This audit often creates a great roadmap for extended success.