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We’re regarded by many business owners as the #1 Local SEO company in Oregon. 
From our offices in Portland & Sisters, we understand how to rank well in Oregon and beyond!

If you are a small Central Oregon business just getting started, or you are an established Portland business ready to take your business to the next level, Local SEO can be the #1 way to achieve your goals online. Implementing powerful Local SEO “Best Practices” will put you on the map and increase your local online presence for years to come ~ without advertising!

It’s also a good idea to have one of the top Local SEO experts in the country guide you along the way.


Local SEO involves setting up your business visibility online to achieve top rankings while compelling prospective customers to choose your business over your competitors. “SEO” = “optimizing” for search engines. And the days of “Set-it-and-forget-it” are long gone. The Local SEO ecosystem is now dynamic and highly sophisticated, thus we recommend monthly packages to help businesses navigate this ever-changing space over time.

We Offer Affordable Packages for Any Type of Businesses

With Offices in Sisters and Portland, Oregon, Our unique Local SEO packages have helped numerous local businesses throughout Portland and Central Oregon grow & thrive – even during a pandemic. You don’t have to be in Oregon to work with us – we work with clients from all over North America – namely Colorado, California, and Connecticut.

Monthly Local SEO package will result in better rankings and but we don’t focus on that.
We stay focused on your bottom line – increasing new customers and growing your revenue.


Local SEO in Portland, Oregon


When you search for a local business on Google, a map appears on the top of the page with 3 business listings - That's called the "Local Pack" and that's where you want to be. Getting your business to rank well on that map (Google Maps) is called Local Search Optimization.

Multi-unit SEO in Portland, Oregon


Does your businesses or franchise operate more than one location? If so you'll have unique Local SEO needs and opportunities for optimizing those locations. This can be tricky to manage and when done correctly the results can be amazing. We're experts at Multi-unit SEO.

Website SEO Search Engine Optimization in Portland, Oregon


Does Google know precisely where to rank your website? Google ranks "individual web pages" so we turn your "brochure website" into a powerful set of pages that attract new customers to your business. We work mostly with Wordpress & Wix websites and work closely with website designers & developers you can trust.


Best Practice Local SEO Strategy

Here are a few things we tell our clients every day:

  1. Google is evolving so rapidly and they are always trying to stay one step ahead of the spammers. So what they can learn & understand about your business is now mind-boggling.  Your Local SEO expert must be staying current with this evolution and know what is paramount for your businesses top rankings.
  2. "Location Signals" and "Recency Signals" are important now more than ever. Google knows how many people are literally inside your store - right now. The pandemic had mixed affects on various businesses worldwide. Many business owners did not keep their Google business listings updated. Has someone reviewed your business recently? That's a good signal that you are still in business!
  3. Google is constantly looking for positive signals about your business and will only rank the businesses at the top that they trust 100%! Recent business listing updates, new reviews, fresh website content are all positive ranking factors. Conflicting business info is one sure way to lose trust. An out-dated website does not help either.
  4. One of the primary jobs of your website is to SPOON FEED Google with exactly what you do - and precisely where you do it. It's not just a brochure or a pretty design. Your website also must have effective calls-to-action to encourage folks to take the action you want - is that a phone call or a form filled out? One should never assume that your customers know what to do. Your website needs to lead people to take that action.
  5. Local SEO Best Practices include things like responding to all new reviews, responding to messages on Google and Yelp and of course your website. Getting help with combating spammy business listings (WE DO THIS), having current professional photos of your business online, keeping current with Google Posts, Products & Services. The days of set-it-and-forget-it are over.
  6. It's important for your Local SEO professional to be familiar with the city and surrounding areas of your business. Not all cities are alike. Portland, Oregon is unique and has unique cultural & weather nuances and many people in Portland search for businesses in unique ways. The same is true for Sisters, Oregon. It's not just any small rural town! Sisters has tens of thousands of potential customers driving through on the way to other places - sitting in their cars on their phones. The good news is that we understand how important location uniqueness is!

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Why Should Google rank your business ahead of your competitors?

RELEVANCE: Do your website and your business listings enable Google to understand and trust – explicitly & thoroughly –   the precise services or products you offer? Do you know exactly what phrases people use to search for your services & products? If you are not sure about this – We can help you.

PROXIMITY: Does Google know & trust exactly where you offer your services? Is there any reason why Google might be even a little bit confused about your address, phone number, business name, service area or hours of operation? Eliminating confusing signals is imperative.

PROMINENCE: Is your website content trusted & referenced by other websites? Is your business new and fledgling or popular & trustworthy? Is your business amazing? How, exactly, would Google know? Let’s work together to give Google several reasons to rank your business better.

WHAT ABOUT SPAMMERS? Does your industry have a bunch of bogus or spammy Google listings that rank ahead of you? We can fix that for you.

DOES YOUR WEBSITE SUCK? We’ll be honest with you about how far your current website can take you. You’ll need a website that is secure, fast, works great on mobile, has a great user experience and compelling call-to-action buttons to turn your visitors into customers. If you do need a new website or an upgrade – we can create a great solution within your budget.

SECURITY & MAINTENANCE: We work with amazing website designers, hosting providers & developers that can set you up with trouble-free website security that fits your needs. We’ve got your back.


"Jeffrey's unique approach to SEO takes the mystery out of the process and helps his clients have ownership of their marketing, while still having the professional support and maintenance necessary for top ranking. Let Bighorn Local help you take the bull by the horns and get results!!!"

Sean Downes

Owner, Sean Downes, LCSW

Working with Jeffrey at Bighorn Local SEO has been and eye and heart opening experience. He has taken the mystery out of the unknown to me Land of Google! His ideas and advice has been precious and so helpful. He was able to tune into the intricate world of massage therapy in Napa/Sonoma Wine Country and help Sonoma Bodyworks to reach a diverse client base! Thank you, Jeffrey!

Ellie van Doren

Owner, Sonoma Bodyworks Mobile Massage

Working with Jeffrey and Bighorn Local has been instrumental in growing our small business. He has been transparent with expectations, has given expert guidance, and has delivered. As a busy tradesman coming in with almost zero knowledge of the world of SEO and internet marketing, I can say with confidence that with the help of Bighorn Local you will see a substantial increase in clicks and calls. 👍

Chris Moore

Owner, Peak Fire Protection

"Of all the investments we've made in our small business and it's success, Jeffrey's service is hands-down one of the most important and valuable! In addition to producing excellent SEO results that have quickly propelled our business forward, Jeffrey is an absolute pleasure to work with! He's a true professional and all-around great human being. We feel so lucky to have him in our corner and I can whole-heartedly recommend Bighorn Local SEO without reservation."

Brooke Noli

Co-Owner, Birth First Doulas

"Bighorn Local SEO has helped my business website reach the next level! Their help and guidance has landed my home page higher on Google's ranking. Not sure how I lasted the last 2 years without them! Thank you Jeffrey!"

Dan Mooney

Owner, Mooney Marketing

I hired Bighorn from a referral from another company that I was too small for. I am a custom home builder specializing in vacation ski homes in the mountains of Colorado. After the recession I needed to build that end of my business back and was not succeeding on my own. Jeffrey has been very helpful with my web site and in particular with my ranking on Google. I have gone from one call a year to five calls a month. Bighorn has done a great job for me.

Dave Rogers

Owner, Basecamp Builders

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