Now Offering a $50 REWARD!

For any current client of Bighorn Local SEO, we will send you $50 if your business gets 5 new Google reviews* between May 12th & May 31st, 2018. Seriously. I will personally send you a $50 bill in the mail on June 1st. $50 cash money. (* at any single location).

So, let’s do this!

We know that getting Google reviews is not easy. But one of the hardest parts is simply “making the ask”. It feels weird to ask your patients or customers to write a review. “I’m too busy to put time into this” is also what I hear a lot. And that’s fine. You are too busy then to open an envelope full of cash money. Okay, okay that was obnoxious – but seriously if your business got 5 Google reviews this month, your rankings on Google would improve to the point where you’d have more online visibility and likely more clicks and possibly more phone calls. Google would really take notice – and that’s like an envelope full of cash money.

If you are ready for this $50 challenge – Let’s get started today! If you need support or tips or a swift kick in the – Just reach out. I’m happy to help. Good luck!

PS – Here’s a good email template to customize and send individually to your customers.


We’re happy we had the pleasure of … [INSERT PERSONAL NOTE TO THIS INDIVIDUAL].

Also, could I ask you to do a small favor for us? Online reviews from awesome customers like you help others to feel confident about choosing [YOUR BUSINESS NAME], and will really help us grow our business. Could you take 60 seconds to leave us a review on Google? Here’s a direct link to our Google listing [LINK TO YOUR GOOGLE LISTING] (or our Yelp listing if you are an active Yelper [LINK TO YOUR YELP LISTING]).

Wondering what to write about?

The best reviews offer some detail or a helpful tip or two for others considering our services. Here are some questions that should give you some ideas about what to write about:

What service did we complete for you?
Which location did you have the service at?
How did we do?
What did you like about working with us?
Did you work with any specific people you’d like to mention?
How do we compare to other services you have tried?
Are there any tips you would offer others about our business?

Thank you in advance for helping us out on Google!


Jeffrey has provided strategy & coaching for thousands of small business owners over the past 12 years as a Local SEO expert. His opinions can sometimes be quite impassioned. Bighorn Local SEO is his latest successful venture based out of Sisters, Oregon and Portland, Oregon, which offers unique subscription SEO services. Bighorn Local SEO also helps small businesses with website design, website maintenance, online advertising & more.

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