STEP 1: Get your Link HERE.

Darren Shaw over at Whitespark created a great tool that generates a reasonable looking link that points directly to where folks just start typing a review for you. The link to my business looks like this – it’s still ugly but it at least it’s accurate:

STEP 2: Shorten your link.

➤ You can simply embed that link into your text in an email like this – “Please go HERE to write a review for my business“.
➤ You can use a URL Shortner like or or just search on Google for URL Shortener.
You can create a custom URL on your website to look like a Pro!
For example it could look like this:

If you need help creating your own custom URL on your website, let’s discuss on our next strategy call.

STEP 3: Make personalized requests for reviews EACH WEEK!

You can do it!!

We all know that it’s not easy to solicit Google reviews. Sometimes you must pester, coerce, bribe, or incentivize people to get it done. Creating an attractive link in a personalized email or even on your website can make it that much easier for customers to actually write a review!

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Jeffrey Magner

Jeffrey Magner

Local SEO Strategist

Jeffrey Magner has been focused on Local SEO since 2008 and has worked directly with thousands of small business clients. Jeffrey founded Trumpet Local Media in Boulder, Colorado as a local SEO agency that was sold to Ramblin Jackson in 2013. Bighorn Local SEO has offices in Portland and Sisters, Oregon and offers monthly packages focusing on marketing strategy for local business owners. Our actual testimonials show how some of our clients feel about working with us.

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