Responding to reviews is a good best practice – depending on your industry and the sentiment of the review. And if you do respond to a Google review, the reviewer will now receive an email notification. This may sound basic, but it’s new and it pushes your Google listing one more step closer towards being a “Customer Service” tool.

Responding to Yelp & Facebook reviews also sends messages to the reviewer so you have the ability, or rather OPPORTUNITY, to engage in direct conversation with your customers – and that’s customer service. Expect this to grow as more & more people will interact with your business/brand online.

And this means that it’s more important for you to respond to ALL negative reviews. This is now a must.

Why? If you don’t respond and just leave that review hanging there, you are showing the world that if your customers have a problem or a negative experience you just don’t care. Thats BAD. In the real word, you probably would consider this “customer service” and you’d engage the customer to hopefully make things right. You wouldn’t just walk away, right? With public business profiles, people are paying close attention to how you handle your customers – via reviews – both positive & negative.

Most business owners are afraid of getting a bad review on Yelp. You don’t need to be afraid! Really. Yelp is awesome.

So read up on the 9 rules for responding to reviews and just go for it. Show the world how awesome you are through well crafted, eloquent review responses.

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Jeffrey Magner

Jeffrey Magner

Local SEO Strategist

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