We recently “Optimized” a clients Yelp listing and wouldn’t you know – it made an impact immediately! There were no other factors such as new Yelp reviews. So it is true that simply updating your listing will make an impact.

How to update your Yelp listing

Adding a bunch of new content & images to your Yelp listing will help it rank better on Yelp itself. So then you’ll rank better on those Yelp top-10 pages that frequently populate page 1 of Google searches.

  1. Completely fill out sections for “Specialties“, “Business History“, and “Bio“. Be sure to add as many keywords that apply to your services and don’t be skimpy – actually list your specialties with bullets if you want.
  2. Add photos! Don’t be shy here either. Add 20 to 100 images of your business. The best photos are of customers interacting with your business some how. We work with a lot of ice cream shops – smiling faces of ice cream cone eaters are what folks want to see.
  3. Add Image Captions. This step is a pain in the butt – but I’ve seen these images actually rank well on Google for specific searches. Add your “City, State” to the caption so that image will rank for local searches. If the image shows an Audi at your repair shop, then “best Audi transmission repair Portland, Oregon” is totally appropriate for the caption. Doing this can influence Google rankings for services in specific neighborhoods, surrounding towns, or nuanced specialty keywords.
  4. Enable Messaging. If messaging is enabled, Yelpers may message you from their app on their phone with some potentially stupid questions. Why don’t they just call or email? Well we’re not sure. But they are reaching out and they might just be a great new customer. **It’s important to respond via Yelp ASAP. Yelp tracks how long it takes for you to respond and actually displays that to other Yelpers.

You don’t need to love Yelp or even respect their obnoxious sales reps – but you can optimize your FREE listing to get a little more traffic and perhaps more customers. Hat’s off to Vivesse Med Spa for their uptick on Yelp and for actually reading our blog posts.

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Jeffrey Magner

Jeffrey Magner

Local SEO Strategist

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