Last week wrote a post about how to get other people to link to your website which really was about business owners soliciting their connections for links. And I got some feedback on it from a couple other agencies that have been advocating these methods for years.

It just doesn’t work.

Well, I can see how that might be the case. It is a challenge for most business owners to successfully solicit reviews from happy customers and it’s even more of a reach to solicit links. And if you have time, who WANTS to do this. No one.

Rand Fishkin agrees and so powerfully discusses this here.

So lets crank things up a notch.

Step 5: Where to Get Powerful Links

Most really powerful links aren’t gained by merely asking for them. These ones you’ll need to earn.

Paid Links: Yes some powerful links cost money. Your local Chamber of Commerce will create powerful links to your website – but you’ll need to become a member. And most Chambers have little else to offer small businesses besides their listing – with some links. But the more engaged with the chamber you are the more links you might “earn.” Other powerful links are industry membership associations or top industry directories such as Psychology Today (for Therapists). Also some local paid directories are worthwhile and well respected and might be worth the investment. Give us a call – we can help you determine if paid options are worth the investment.

Be Newsworthy or Engaged: How can you be newsworthy to earn media attention and press? Give something away, volunteer, donate something to a silent auction (these may have link opportunities), sponsor something somewhere. Local media mentions are awesome and so is being a contributing author to any online media writeup. Authors have bios, or mentions that can accommodate links such as “As mentioned by John A. Lundin, in his popular blog post ‘5 Signs your Spouse is Depressed’

Do you volunteer or contribute to your community? If not – what are those opportunities? Don’t have time? Well, this is an investment! And yes BLOGGING is giving something away, contributing, and being engaged. Do you have a blog post that’s getting a lot of traffic online? Share it with industry leaders. Chances are they would like it too and might mention it just like I did above with John Lundin and Rand Fishkin.

Get Creative: Recently there was a random Tesla fan who heard that Elon Musk was sleeping on a couch at Tesla since he was working overtime to fix production issues. So as a joke he created a Gofundme campaign to get money to buy Elon a nice couch. Didn’t take much time and had no expectations. But with the huge media interest in Tesla and Elon Musk, this got noticed and went viral and made the mainstream news. He ended up with his 15 minutes of fame, lots of new Youtube subscribers and followers. Could YOU do something like this? Yes!

How to get links

For now – just get one link! Do it now! 

We can’t make your powerful links for you. But if you are a client of ours, give us a call to help you expand your list of ideas and get some super powerful links! If you are not a client yet, why not? Give us a call!

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