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What Do You Get?

Monthly SEO Packages Include

➣ Optimization & Ongoing Management of Google + Yelp listings
➣ Review Acquisition Strategy + Link Acquisition Strategy
➣ Online Directory & Citation Submissions
➣ Ongoing Keyword Research, as needed.
➣ On-going website monitoring + performance reporting via Google Analytics & Google Search Console.
➣ Monthly performance report from Moz Pro SEO software.
➣ Ongoing Website Development Evaluation + Recommendations
➣ Create list of Next Steps, Recommendations & Future Priorities

Pricing shown above is for 1 location. Pricing for multiple locations will vary.
Custom pricing & flexible Local SEO packages are available.
Monthly SEO packages are month-to-month, no long-term commitments.
SEO Packages billed monthly in advance.
Discount for Annual Billing
** Cryptocurrency Accepted **

Are we a good fit for you?

Are we a good fit for you?

► We’re not a big agency with lots of overhead and high priced projects to offer you.
► You won’t be working with a 24 yr old SEO specialist who’s been doing this for 6 months.
► You’ll work with a veteran Local SEO expert who’s been doing this since 2008.
► You will learn about Local SEO and be given some homework along the way as we determine the next best steps for your business.
► SEO will no longer be a mystery behind the curtain.
► We understand many underlying marketing & SEO principles from working with hundreds of different types of businesses – in numerous locations in the US & Canada.

If this sounds appealing, we might be a great fit to help grow your business.

What's Our Pricing Structure?

We don’t price for our time. We price for value.

Our prices are not based on time spent on tasks in a month. Our approach is all about the value created for your business. Is what you are getting providing value? Can you see the potential long-term return on this SEO investment?

Sometimes it can take 10 minutes to fix some problem that will seriously boost your business visibility. But it took us 5 years of experience to know how to fix it.

Sometimes it can take 6 weeks battling with Google to get your business listing unsuspended. Sometimes Local SEO efforts require arduous research to uncover the best next steps for your unique situation. All of this happens behind the scene. Believe us when we say “you don’t wanna know”.

We’ve fixed an issue for one client in 20 minutes that led to #1 local rankings for the next 2 years! That 20 minutes resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. We don’t price for our time. We price for value. And we certainly underpriced that one!

If you are more comfortable paying an hourly wage for SEO tasks to be completed and you expect a report at the end of the month for tasks completed, you are in the wrong place. We recommend you check out Upwork or Fiverr for less expensive hourly options.

Will We Fit Your Budget?

Comfortably in your budget

If our pricing does not fit comfortably within your marketing budget – if the monthly fee is creating stress each month, this will likely not work out. If you are nervous about your monthly fee this will create pressure to see results, which often takes more time that you expect.

SEO can be the best investment in your future potential revenue. This increased revenue helps build your comfortable budget for SEO. That’s why many of our clients have been with us for years.

Many small business owners do not have a clear defined marketing budget. Getting clear on what you need to spend to increase your revenue is essential. Is your goal to increase sales by $100k this year? How much will you need to invest or spend to achieve that? What’s the best option to focus your budget on this year?

How Soon Will We See Results?

When can we expect to start seeing results?

This is the most common question from small business owners. There are multiple time-components baked into building a great web presence with SEO. SEO can’t turn on a lead-generating machine in Month 1. It takes time to build a web presence that generates leads. Why should Google start ranking your business ahead of your established competitors?

Ultimately, we do not control rankings – the big tech companies do. We all have to play their game by their rules. We can’t rank you on Google. Google ranks you. And for each effort we produce together can take days or weeks or months to take effect. Initial results may take 30-90 days but we never promise results since that’s not up to us. Also your situation will be unique. We’ll always help you to understand the challenges and opportunities you have.

Do We Meet Online or In Person?

We meet you where you’re at

Sometimes the best value for our clients is helping them to simply log in and better organize the management of their website or Google or Yelp listings. Other times, their website gets hacked or their Google Listing gets suspended. We’re good people to know if this happens.

And yes we meet with marketing teams on Zoom conference calls to determine content strategy, marketing budget allocations and even overall business strategy. Where you’re at is where we’ll meet you and our relationship will evolve as your business grows.

How Fast is your Process?

Move at your own speed

You might need 2 meetings this month. You might only need meetings once in a while. We have some clients that pay us just in case they need us. The value they are getting is that they feel confident knowing that we are on their team.

Do you have a deadline and need to meet twice this month? No problem. If you don’t have time or need for a meeting, we’ll spend that time working on your website or local SEO tasks.

If you have a healthy SEO budget and want to make progress faster we can handle a monthly budget of up to $2,000/month. If you need to pause, let us know! If you are ready to move on – we’ll help you find a better solution your business!

We’ll adapt to how your business is changing! This really came in handy when the pandemic started – every business was affected differently and we quickly responded to support all the ways our clients had to pivot their offerings.

What Are the Contract Terms?

No long-term contracts

We don’t offer legacy style long-term contracts. Our service is month-to-month with the intention that you are ready to make a long-term SEO investment in your business. Most businesses need help to build out their “foundational web presence” This takes time. Once that’s successful, we move on to more targeted content marketing & technical SEO.

We spend considerable time up-front researching your opportunities and onboarding your business onto various software platforms. So if you only have comfortable budget for a couple months – it really won’t be worth it for either of us.

"Of all the investments we've made in our small business and it's success, Jeffrey's service is hands-down one of the most important and valuable! In addition to producing excellent SEO results that have quickly propelled our business forward, Jeffrey is an absolute pleasure to work with! He's a true professional and all-around great human being. We feel so lucky to have him in our corner and I can whole-heartedly recommend Bighorn Local SEO without reservation."

Brooke Noli

Co-Owner, Birth First Doulas

"Jeffrey at Big Horn joined the marketing team for my small veterinary clinic 4 months ago. I swear he is magical with the Google Gods and feeding them whatever it is that they need to increase traffic. My traffic to my site is booming! For many reasons we are now at capacity in our new building that we just moved into 1 year ago!"

Mandi Blackwelder

Owner, Healing Arts Animal Care

"Since I started working with Bighorn Local, my business has undeniably increased. They give me manageable assignments each month which has been great for keeping me on task. It’s been helpful to have guidance in where to focus my attention. The work they did paid for itself almost right away. It was the best money and time I’ve spent on my business by far."

Sirena Masket

Sirena Masket CranioSacral

"I have used Jeffrey Magner for a year and a half for SEO for my various websites. He is extremely knowledgable and conscientious. My rankings have improved. Very accessible. A great value for the money."

Bruce Stein

CEO, Vanishing Veins

Bighorn Local SEO has been pivotal to the success of our business. Jeffrey is a big client professional, but deals with smaller clients in the same manner. He takes the time to educate, or can do it on his own for clients that have more than enough on their plate. I highly recommend Bighorn Local SEO.

Michele Jimenez

Marketing Manager, Faith, Hope, & Charity

"Bighorn Local has been an invaluable partner for my business since we rely highly on local search for our livelihood. After Bighorn Local started optimizing our SEO, we started seeing immediate results and we couldn't be happier. Hiring Bighorn Local goes down in history as one of the best decisions Maximize Video has made."

Max Fancher

Owner, Maximize Video Productions