We received a call from the new owner of an awesome shave ice spot on Maui and it turns out that Jeffrey remembers going to that exact spot several years ago. It was actually awesome & memorable! So of course we are excited to help them succeed. But their situation was unique. They changed the business name website URL and had little info their existing web presence so there’s a lot of moving parts involved on this one.

Our first order of business was to retain / save / keep their Google & Yelp profiles which each had numerous reviews and lots of ranking credibility. Those listings are like GOLD and this process can be tricky or risky. Since their business is mostly impulse / drive-by customers or regular locals and returning tourists, they assumed that their online listings just “took care of themselves” – but NO THEY DON’T!!

Already, after a short time they’ve become so busy – too busy in fact, that their #1 priority now is to streamline their menu and processes so they can deal with the lines all-day-long. Whoo Hoo! Let’s get some Shave Ice!

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