Ann Griffin started Bigfoot Wellness here in Sisters just around the time we needed some chiropractic work over here. What a coincidence – a match made in heaven. And it just so happens that Ann is perhaps one of the most amazing chiropractors in America! What a gift!

Sisters is an interesting city since few businesses or residences receive mail delivery for the US Post Office. So this made verification for their Google listing a real challenge. At the same time, there was some confusion on Google Maps about the actual name of the street. It’s Main Avenue, while even the sign on the building itself says “Main Street”…so we got Google Maps to update/edit their database and were able to do a video verification with the team at Google My Business. Google contracts out to a 3rd Party contractor in India so this can be tricky. To do video verification via Hangouts, you need to begin from across the street, then they instruct you to walk into the building, stopping at the front door (looking for signage) and they will ask to see a business card with that address on it. So fascinating. So this business is now listed on Google and doing just fine.

This story might explain why many businesses in rural towns across Oregon don’t have a Google listing at all! It’s not easy!


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