One of our greatest assets is that our team has worked with hundreds of clients across many different business categories. This has often been the more difficult path to choose since we don’t have the convenience & benefits of working with the same type of business over & over again. Instead, we’ve done keyword research & market research for dozens if not hundreds of business types. We’re not afraid of any legitimate business category and such is the case with Bud Man. When California legalized medicinal marijuana, Bud Man began a highly successful cannabis delivery business in Orange County. When recreational cannabis delivery was legalized it was truly a Gold Rush for many in the industry. We’ve helped Bud Man expand beyond their original Irvine location into Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Laguna Beach, and now their Costa Mesa & Santa Ana delivery locations. Along the way we’ve conducted extensive industry research and unique industry-specific SEO nuances that have helped us grow our overall expertise. Not every business gets a gold-rush opportunity, and we’ve helped Bud Man capitalize on theirs.

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