We’ve been working with Cami from High Desert Hydrotherapy for a couple years now. We were introduced just after her business launched and shortly after her website was launched. So there she was sitting in her empty spa with no customers and a website that no one could find. Now her site consistently ranks #1 in Bend, Oregon for colonics and hydrotherapy phrases and also other services like infrared saunas in Bend. Working with Cami we saw very clearly how there’s unfortunately a very intentional time-lag in place for all new businesses – that Google creates. Let me explain:

Bend, Oregon is a city with a population of just over 100,000 so there are a few competitors – but none with super SEO’d websites. So we optimized this site and did everything we could to get this business going – AND NOTHING HAPPENED! Cami was paying $300-$500 for Adwords to get started and it seriously took about 6 months for Google to properly index and rank her new website/business. We investigated this and uncovered the terrible truth – that THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT GOOGLE WANTS TO HAPPEN. Yikes. So we cut out the Adwords advertising and kept optimizing and over time, with more Google reviews, this business is ranking where it should.

As if starting a new business isn’t hard enough. Be careful out there people!

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