Kinetic Chiropractic in Oakland, California was referred to us by another local practitioner. Over the years we’ve done work for numerous local businesses in Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area – and it’s a great joy to help people who are in the business of improving peoples health & wellness. In this case Lisa Koenig is a healer with specific uncommon specialties that she brings to her chiropractic practice. She offers Kinesiology and Homeopathy as complementary modalities and she has a genuine focus on Women’s health, pediatrics and pregnancy. Each of these specialties offers her an opportunity to rank on Page 1 of Google results for those specific searches. While most people in need of chiropractic care might just use a general phase like “chiropractor oakland, ca” or “chiropractic near me” – having your business rank for people who know precisely what they are searching for can deliver more qualified leads that are much more likely to choose YOUR business. That’s the whole point of “Search Engine Optimization.

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