Sean Downes, LCSW

We have a lot of experience doing SEO for psychotherapists! Sean Downes, LCSW offers Professional psychotherapy in  Bend, Oregon. It’s not easy to help psychotherapists rank well on Google for a variety of reasons. Therapy clients/patients are not inclined to write Google reviews, for instance. And it’s against privacy laws for therapists to request reviews. But one way to help is to create what we call Specialty Services Pages which are optimized for “exactly what the business offers + WHERE they offer it”. In this case we’re starting with a page all about EMDR Therapy in Bend, Oregon. And hopefully with great content and some quality links pointing to that page, it can break through onto page 1. He also offers cognitive behavioral therapy in Bend and dialectical behavioral therapy in Bend, Oregon. We’ll see if we can really get this website humming! SEO for psychotherapists and EMDR therapists really works!

"Jeffrey's unique approach to SEO takes the mystery out of the process and helps his clients have ownership of their marketing, while still having the professional support and maintenance necessary for top ranking. Let Bighorn Local help you take the bull by the horns and get results!!!"

Sean Downes

Owner, Sean Downes, LCSW

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