SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If this is new for you, welcome to the conversation!
We work on your web page content so that your website spoon-feeds Google with specifically what you do – precisely where you do it. That way Google knows where to rank your web pages.

What is “Website SEO”?

Website SEO is the practice and art of “optimizing” (tweaking & making better) your website so that it will rank better on Google (Search Engines). In a simplistic explanation, Google ranks web pages based on “relevance” of its content and “prominence” of how ~popular~ that content is online. 

For example, if your business offers chimney repair services in Portland, Oregon, and that’s a phrase folks are typing into Google, then it’s a good idea to write about that service in detail – and where you offer it – on a page on your website. That’s relevance. Google now knows where to rank that page. BUT, of all the chimney repair companies in Portland, which one would the rank at the top? Why would Google rank your page at the top? You’ll need to show some prominence to Google, primarily through links from other websites, traffic to your website and online reviews. That blue link at the top of this paragraph is a keyword-rich link to specific services web page. That’s how to create powerful relevance & prominence! 

When your website AND business listings are optimized – Magic happens!

Search Engine Optimization can be a sophisticated and technical beast. We break it down into “Foundational SEO” and “Advanced SEO”. For most small businesses, good Foundational SEO plus some specialty services pages is enough to grow their business. For businesses in more competitive industries or locations, Advanced SEO will be needed.

Foundational SEO
Keyword research, copy-editing, content development, page titles, headings, descriptions, links, footer/sidebar content, menus, images, local content, and calls-to-action.

Advanced SEO
Schema, copywriting, blog strategy, web development, WP security & backups, page load speed, competitive analysis, site architecture, spam abatement, conversion optimization and more. 

Calls to Action are Key: Hey if you are investing in getting more traffic to your website, a clear & obvious path for visitors to take the desired action is mandatory. Those are called Calls-to-Action and you need those on every page to convert these new visitors into customers or clients. Links are good. Bright buttons are better. Make it super easy for your website visitors to call you, fill out a form, buy now, or sign up. If you don’t have them on your website, you should probably click one of the red call-to-action buttons on this page.

Mobile Responsive is Imperative: Depending on your business type, the vast majority of your visits will be on a mobile device.

Are you ready to grow your business?

"Bighorn Local has been an invaluable partner for my business since we rely highly on local search for our livelihood. After Bighorn Local started optimizing our SEO, we started seeing immediate results and we couldn't be happier. Hiring Bighorn Local goes down in history as one of the best decisions Maximize Video has made."

Max Fancher

Owner, Maximize Video Productions

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Owner, High Desert Hydrotherapy

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Bob Sargent

Owner, Savory Cuisines

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Joan Teasdale

Owner, Joan Teasdale Hypnotherapy

Jeffrey at Big Horn Local SEO has helped me and my business tremendously. I signed up for the monthly coaching package and every time we work together he calmly and effortlessly walks me through each next step. I really appreciate the care he takes, making sure I understand where we are going. This is actually inspiring excitement in my business! I started getting more calls for my business right away and my business is starting to take off.

Shannon Hopkins


"If you are looking for a local SEO specialist, look no further. We've been working with Jeff for more than a year, and we couldn't be happier with his services. He is knowledgeable, responsive, and the results from his work are obvious. Jeff looks at the bigger picture and goes down to every single issue that needs to be tackled. He is incredibly easy to work with and couldn't be happier with everything he has done for us. Highly recommended!"

Val Nanovsky

Marketing Manager, Vivesse Med Spa

About Bighorn Local SEO

We offer proven & affordable ongoing Local SEO packages for small businesses in Portland, Oregon and beyond. We co-create a powerful online presence for your business so you can attract new customers and leads for years to come. We work closely with you each month to seize the next opportunity and take the next step towards better rankings and visibility. Our unique Local SEO process has helped numerous local businesses all over North America grow their business. From our offices in Portland and Sisters, Oregon we provide SEO services for local businesses and national brands, retailers and chains with multiple locations. We also build great websites, offer great website maintenance and can steer you in the right direction for online advertising, social media strategy. You can follow our blog for local business tips and if you are interested, reach out to our clients and ask them what it's like working with us. You can also visit our comprehensive nationwide list of Local SEO clients.