Basecamp Builders is a custom home builder for the Colorado mountain communities near Winter Park Ski Resort. They were referred to us by another agency and we’re thrilled to have them as a client!

This is a local SEO project for a new company in a rural part of Colorado for a service area business and one of the rare departures from a WordPress website. That’s right – this is a GoDaddy Site Builder website and it appears that in certain cases, that is as much of a website as you need. Right off the bat, new leads are coming in and we’ve barely begun our work. – so we’re doing something right! And they are THRILLED to have a professional team helping them that is not trying to upsell them when they don’t need it.

This is another instance where rural communities have no actual postal delivery so just getting a verified Google listing is a cumbersome process. And Google suspended the listing within an hour of post card verification. But yet we persist! We’re also cautious to do too much SEO too soon as they will be overwhelmed with projects. They could always just say “no” to new clients, right?

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