Not everyone can claim to be a celebrity interior designer in Beverly Hills. Kari Whitman is just that – and she’s hired us to help build her brand to a national audience with a focus on a few key cities / regions. What’s amazing is the amount of national media buzz she receives from high profile projects. Regular articles in Vogue and Architectural Digest certainly have a way of boosting rankings but there’s more to doing SEO than that. Link Outreach will be key for this, along with having a website with a solid SEO foundation. We’re working hard to help her rank as an interior designer in Boulder, Colorado.

We’ve worked with Hawthorne Media Group during their website redesign and sometimes SEO during a redesign can be tricky business. We’re back on track now with this site ranking well for commercial interior designer in Los Angeles and also for residential interior design in Boulder, CO. This has been a significant endeavor and we love working with unique businesses and awesome business owners like Kari Whitman. 

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