If you ever visit Sisters, Oregon there’s a pretty good chance you’ll stop in at the Sisters Saloon & Ranch Grill. It’s a great restaurant with an awesome bar with an outdoor patio. I love it!

If you are getting along with your server and you are enjoying your food or experience, chances are very good that your server will give you their business card with their name on it. They’ll say something like, “If you write a review on Google or Yelp or TripAdvisor be sure to mention my name – I’ll get a gift card from the owner!”

It’s that simple. The restaurant owner has Incentivized the servers to solicit reviews. For each review with a server’s name mentioned, the server gets a gift card to a different restaurant in town. It’s a way for the server to earn more “tips” so they are enthusiastic about it.

And it’s working. 50 new Google reviews in December! If they keep this up in a year they’ll have over 1,000 Google reviews. That will be dominant in this little town. Of course not all 50 reviews include the name of servers so it’s not a huge marketing expense for the owner, but what it does is prompt/remind the customer to write a review after their experience.

Is there a way for you to incentivize or encourage your staff to solicit reviews?

This could take the burden off you as the business owner and create some greater sense of “ownership” for your staff. Online reviews can help your business thrive online and this is good for your staff as well. Do you need help figuring out creative ways to solicit reviews? Give us a call! We’re happy to help.