First off – Congratulations to Everett Street Autoworks in Portland, Oregon and Savory Cuisines Catering in Boulder, Colorado for earning a quick $50 bill by getting over 5 Google reviews in October. And look at that – they’ve earned a nice link to their website from this blog post!

Everett Street got a WHOPPING 18 Google reviews and 2 Yelp reviews in October alone. So far in December they have 16 Google reviews and 3 Yelp reviews. For a mechanic? Yes!! And their online rankings are performing very well! Overall they have 148 Google reviews & 222 Yelp reviews which is fantastic. How are they doing it? They are using customer service / review software.

It’s worth noting that all review software does is AUTOMATE COMMUNICATION. The program is set up to capture email addresses and solicit feedback (customer service) & online reviews. You can do the same thing – without automation. It will just take a little more time.

Earlier this month I took my car into Everett Street for an inspection. Here’s what I received afterwards via email:

I clicked on the GREAT JOB! button and it took me straight to the link to write a Google review!

Had I clicked on NOT GOOD! then I’d be directed to a form to send to the business explaining why it was not good!

This is a perfect method for making sure all your clients/customers are satisfied while generating a high volume of reviews. It works!


This is specific software for mechanics. But theres no reason you couldn’t set up your own manual email template to do this exact same thing.

Step 1: Create your email template.

Step 2: Set aside 20 minutes each Monday to input emails from customers from the previous week.

Step 3 SEND. It could be that simple.

This is just one of several creative & proven ways to get more Online reviews. If you want to discuss this in greater detail – give us a call!