Handwritten Letters.

“I had every intention of writing a review when I got home, but I just forgot!”

“That handwritten letter is what ended up getting me to writing a review for them.”

Yes, the dreaded thing that no one does anymore – writing letters by hand requesting a favor, or thanking your customer for being a customer, or whatever is appropriate communication. Write a note by hand and make a personal request for a review. I have not tried this yet but I’ve heard that it works!

A handwritten letter has become rare & special. No one does this anymore and no one wants to. But if you did – you might be surprised at what might happen. Of course if you are a high-volume mechanic or a popular restaurant you might want to try other tactics such as review requests via automated emails or incentivizing your staff to solicit online reviews for you.

But if you have few clients or customers, sell products on your website, or if you don’t mind letters & stamps and a trip to the mailbox, perhaps handwritten review solicitation would work.

My buddy Kyle from Ramblin Jackson explains it really well IN THIS VIDEO about standing out by writing handwritten reviews.

“And as I was writing a review for them, I noticed that their were hundreds of reviews for absolutely every pair of shoes for sale on their website.”

Check Taft out for yourself to see all their product reviews! Handwritten reviews might be a great strategy if you sell products on your website! And if you need help with crafting your requests – give us a call. We’re happy to help!