As first reported by Mike Blumenthal, Google has stopped showing reviews from anonymous accounts. This will upset many business owners who have worked hard for years to get Google reviews. As if getting Google reviews wasn’t hard enough as it is.

Years ago, all users on Google were anonymous. Then one day they required some identity in order for reviews and this probably had something to do with the launch of Google+ and their attempt at social networking since Facebook lead the way with non-anonymous users. And this is probably a good thing.Google Reviews Nuked

But there so far there has been no Google announcement about this change today. All old reviews just got NUKED. How do you think Dr. Terri Rebibo Fox is going to feel when she sees her 63 Google reviews reduced to 27? Yowza! This will have a sting. Do you think she’ll be excited to go out and get more Google reviews next month? I doubt it. Have her rankings taken a hit also? We’ll have to wait and see.

Did this affect your business? Will this affect your rankings? Let us know in the comments.

In the end, we’re all playing in this Google world and we must work hard to follow the ever-changing rules. Once we get past our frustration with Google, we’ll just have to try even harder & smarter to get new high quality reviews. I’m thinking about upping my bribe reward next month. Stay tuned for that.