Just wait a minute with this Facebook stuff.

Please stop sending your fresh new customers to Facebook! Isn’t the goal to capture a potential audience on Facebook and drive those people into your store or business to buy something from you or at least sign up for a mailing list so you can make offers to them in the future? (engagement with customers). Isn’t your website the place where they can best engage with your business & get info? Why would you send people back to Facebook? Grab them off Facebook, right? I don’t get it.

If you think I’ve lost it please let me know in the comments below. But first, I’ll make two points:

Point #1 On my way to work today

Since I live 5 blocks from my office I walk to work every day and today I this super awesome new sign grabbed my attention. It’s a great sign but I did not like what it said.

Don't send people to Facebook

Don’t walk in here – Just go to Facebook for some reason

My first thought: “That sign should invite me in the store to spend my money since I’m just outside. Why are they sending me to Facebook? That’s totally weird.”  But what do I know? I’m too old to be an effective Social Media marketer and I rarely use Facebook personally since it just sucks my time away into oblivion. So I reached out to Jack Jostes of Ramblin Jackson. Jack is an expert at Facebook marketing and his agency manages social media for dozens of clients. Surely he could help me understand.Facebook Marketing Sisters, Oregon

Jack left me a long voicemail and here it is Verbatim:

“Hey Jeffrey great question. Ya know, what she’s doing would have been awesome literally like 6 years ago. But nowadays less than 1% of the people who LIKE your Facebook page will actually see your posts if you do not pay to boost them.

So that means that if she has 100 LIKES, 1 of them would see the post. If she had 500 LIKES, 5 of them would see the posts – and of those 5 people that see those posts – one of them would be her daughter, another might be someone who works at the store or someone who is actively engaging the page.

Facebook is explicit about this. They are explicitly weighting posts from friends and family in the news feed over posts from businesses. So I think her strategy….her goal should be to get repeat business. That’s what I think she wants. And to do that I would recommend email marketing. “Sign up for our email newsletter to get you know – whatever. Stuff like that.

As far as Facebook specifically, I would try to engage people like: “Post a photo and check in to get XYZ gift”, right? Because then when you get people to post a photo in the store and they check in, all of their friends see it, because Facebook prioritizes posts from friends over business pages. So that’s what I would recommend if they were going to use Facebook at all.

But depending on the nature of their business and how often people would Google it, and I forget – you said this was some kind of store. If it’s something people would Google, I would go for the review, right? You know – Post a Google review kindof thing….”

 – – – – UPDATE – – – – 

Just a few days after I posted this, up popped another sign – exactly what I was hoping for. Great work!! This might actually bring people into the store.

Point #2 We all know what happens to people on Facebook?

Kittens. Puppies. Refugees. Gun control. Your old friends authentic sharing. Ads for other cool stuff. People get sucked in and then they are GONE. They forgot why they came to Facebook and they forgot all about your business. Maybe they liked your page. So what? Did they make a purchase at your Facebook page? An effective marketing approach to Facebook should turn new potential customers into actual customers – transacting at your business or over the phone or in person. What is the goal of your Facebook page again? To help grow your business – not to grow your Facebook page.

It’s fine to have links to your Facebook page on your website – But if you are investing in increasing visitors to your website, please don’t eagerly direct them off to any social media site to “Like” your business until after they’ve become your customer. You’ve got that precious new website visitor. What would you like them to do? Direct them there instead.

Mackenzie Creek

I LOVE this little gem of a gift store. It’s a great shop with cool unique things. Hats, wigs and wands, shirts, and unicorn poop for the kids. Seriously. Unicorn poop is a thing. It’s awesome. Next time your are in Sisters, forget about Facebook for a moment and walk right in and buy something.